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"Hunters" Ombre Grappling Spats - Women's

"Hunters" Ombre Grappling Spats - Women's

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Kitsune Kimonos' ombre spats are back in a brand new colorway. The dark sage green looks great; muted and subtle thru the main body with vibrant artwork tucked away at the interior waistband / upper band protection.

Durable spandex-blend fabrics deliver comfortable, consistent compression without losing their shape over time. Assembled precisely, with as few panels as possible so that each leg is hugged by one continuous piece of fabric without bunching or pulling awkwardly.

Seams utilize high-stretch/heavy-gauge thread for flexible flatlock stitching, ensuring comfort and mobility that lasts.

NOTE: Women's style may appear a shade darker. This is due to the interior double-sublimation, which we do for light-blocking purposes. Since female grapplers often wear spats alone (without shorts over them) the double sublimation helps prevent any transparency in the event that the material is fully stretched.

  • Athletic polyester/spandex blend
  • Non-glossy flat finish
  • Subtle gradient 'ombre' design
  • Minimal branding
  • Flexible form-fit paneling
  • High-stretch, heavy-gauge thread / flatlock stitch patterns

  • Women's styles are high-waisted; which extends higher / begins lower than the men's. This tapered waist style is a favorite as it hugs over the hips and prevents uncomfortable pinching of skin. Layered with a relaxed main elastic and a stronger elastic at the top hem (to keep the spats more firmly in place, where your waist will be narrowest).

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